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Tim van Erven, CWI, Amsterdam Tim dot van dot Erven at cwi dot nl
Peter Grünwald, CWI, Amsterdam pdg at cwi dot nl
Petri Myllymäki, University of Helsinki Petri dot Myllymaki at cs dot helsinki dot fi
Teemu Roos, HIIT, Helsinki Teemu dot Roos at cs dot helsinki dot fi
Ioan Tabus, Tampere University of Technology     tabus at tut dot fi


During the last few years (2004-2007), there have been several breakthroughs in the area of Minimum Description Length (MDL) modeling, learning and prediction. These breakthroughs concern the efficient computation and proper formulation of MDL in parametric problems based on the "normalized maximum likelihood", as well as altogether new, and better, coding schemes for nonparametric problems. This essentially solves the so-called AIC-BIC dilemma, which has been a central problem in statistical model selection for more than 20 years now. The goal of this workshop is to introduce these exciting new developments to the ML and UAI communities, and to foster new collaborations between interested researchers.

Most new developments that are the focus of this workshop concern efficient (in many cases, linear-time) algorithms for theoretically optimal inference procedures that were previously thought not to be efficiently solvable. It is therefore hoped that the workshop will inspire original practical applications of MDL in machine learning domains. Development of such applications recently became a lot easier, because of the new (2007) book on MDL by P. Grünwald [2], which provides the first comprehensive overview of the field, as well as in-depth discussions of how it relates to other approaches such as Bayesian inference. Remarkably, the originator of MDL, J. Rissanen, also published a new monograph in 2007; and a Festschrift in Honor of Rissanen's 75th birthday was presented to him in May 2008.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW (preliminary)

We start the workshop with a 1-hour tutorial by Peter Grünwald, with particular emphasis on the breakthroughs mentioned above. This will be followed by invited sessions. The workshop will be concluded with a panel discussion.

Peter Grünwald: MDL tutorial. abstract | PDF
questions & discussion
coffee break
Petri Myllymäki: Fast computation of NML for Bayesian networks [5, 6]. abstract | PDF
Steven de Rooij: Nonparametric density estimation by switching [1]. abstract | PDF
Janne Ojanen: Extensions to MDL denoising [10]. abstract | PDF
lunch break
Tomi Silander: Sequential and factorized NML models [3, 4]. abstract | PDF
Tong Zhang: Generalization theory of two-part code MDL estimator. abstract | PDF
Ioan Tabus: Normalized maximum likelihood models in genomics [8, 9]. abstract | PDF
coffee break
Matthias Seeger: Information consistency of nonparametric Gaussian process methods [7]. abstract | PDF
panel discussion


  • Peter Grünwald (CWI, Amsterdam)

  • Petri Myllymäki (University of Helsinki)

  • Steven de Rooij (EURANDOM, Eindhoven)

  • Janne Ojanen (Helsinki University of Technology)

  • Tomi Silander (University of Helsinki & HIIT)

  • Tong Zhang (Rutgers University)

  • Ioan Tabus (Tampere University of Technology)

  • Matthias Seeger (Max Planck Tuebingen)


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