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About MDL Research


MDL Research aims to present distilled, concise, easily-digestible overviews of the latest research into health, fitness, nutrition, and sports science.

We believe that the sports industry has made staying fit and healthy overly complicated.

This might sound counter-intuitive at first, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In order to sell you products that you really don’t need – or which don’t actually work – the supplement and food industries need to muddy the waters. The only way they can sell you bogus herbal extracts, overpriced food products or totally unproven supplements, is if they can convince you that they work. To do that, they need to make sports science extremely complicated – only then can they bamboozle you with pseudo-science and misinformation.

We are trying to change that, one post at a time.

The misinformation spread by the supplement industry is very easy to disprove – there are usually dozens of publicly available, high quality, peer-reviewed studies showing what a given substance or supplement actually does.

More difficult is getting people to believe it – if someone really¬†feels¬†that their protein shake is helping them make gains, then it is very hard to convince them otherwise. Generally speaking, people feel first, then reason second, and changing someone’s mind is always exponentially more difficult than giving them their opinions in the first place.

Our goal, then, is not to go around converting everybody to our science-first way of thinking about nutrition.

Instead, we simply want to provide an accessible, engaging resource for people curious about health, fitness and nutrition.

On MDL Research, you’ll find brief discussions of certain substances commonly used in supplements. We will usually talk about a single claimed use a substance, present the scientific evidence (if there is any), and then tell you whether or not it actually works.

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