It’s important that you know who is behind the content posted on MDL Research.

Too many sites don’t publish detailed information on who the people behind the site are, what their background is, and why they are writing.

Here is a quick look at our people.


J Rissanen

Johan Rissanen is our editor and chief contributor. He has a masters degree in biomedical science, and years of experience working in the supplement industry. It was during his time in the supplement industry that he became aware of how much of a role pseudo-science plays in public discourse on nutrition. He became committed to helping people find the truth about health and nutrition.

Johan Rissanen is a firm believer in the scientific method. He believes that truth is found by testing a hypothesis against repeated empirical observations. If there is not evidence supporting a claim – good, hard, scientific evidence – then there is no reason to believe it. The burden of proof rests with the claimant.

He does not have any affiliations with supplement manufacturers.